Crystals & Essential Oils For Sinus & Hayfever Relief

Crystals & Essential Oils For Sinus & Hayfever Relief

Do you or someone you know suffer from hayfever & sinus issues? Tired of trying to find medicines that won’t make you drowsy or feel dry?


Here’s some natural relief ideas.



WHAT!!! Crystals for sinus are you joking ?


Nope not a joke, crystals can really help.

Sinus are associated with the Third Eye Chakra ( middle of your forehead )so it’s important to use crystals that will treat both the symptoms of sinus and unblock the third eye chakra.


Sodalite : creates a flow of energy from the throat to the third eye chakras clearing the fog of congestion and opening thought & communication.

Fluorite: Boosts the immune system and helps to fight ant infection that may be causing the sinus congestion.

Aventurine: Has an anti inflammatory energy that eases congestion and headaches. It also protects from environmental issues that may be causing your sinus.

Amethyst: Calming and soothing, amethyst connects to the third eye, calms stress and helps to relieve headaches.

Essential oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries as a form of healing. Essential oils are extras from plants so they are all natural.

Essential oils for Sinus and Hayfever include






A combination of these oils may  help to reduce inflammation, fight bacteria , ease pain , relax you and even help you sleep.

Using a combination of oils & crystals to relief your symptoms will have a greater chance of success.

How to use Crystals & Essential Oils.

Meditation: Put your sinus relief oils in a diffuser in your bedroom. Put some meditation music on your phone or sound system. Place your crystals on your forehead and lay down.

Close your eyes and take 6 deep breaths, slowly exhaling. Now breathing normally take your mind to your forehead. Visualise the energy of the crystals swirling rainbow colours around , see the rainbow of energy clearing your sinuses as it flows through your forehead , down your nasal passage and down the back of your throat . Imagine as is clears each section a bright light that signifies a clear path through your sinus passage. Now breath through your nose Visualise the oils working their way through the nasal passage and up to your forehead . As they work their way through they are soothing the inflammation and easing pain leaving a soft purple light. When you see the purple light you can slowly open your eyes.

Shower: Using a shower steamer which is like a bath bomb for the shower which is loaded with the Sinus essential oils. Place the steamer in the corner of a hot shower. Let the steam release the oils and ease the congestion.

Rollerball: A rollerball filled with essential oils & crystals is perfect when your at work or on the go. Simply roll the oils onto you forehead and wrists.

Wear the crystals .

There are many options when it comes to crystal jewellery. Wear bracelets, necklaces and pendants with the associated crystals.

Carry the crystals

Put the crystals in your pocket , bag or even in your bra. Hold them when you need relief and visualise them clearing your sinuses.


Have your crystals beside your bed to help you get relief while you sleep. Also have your diffuser running with oils for added benefits.

Whilst the healing benefits of crystals and essential oils is truely amazing I do recommend consulting a dr or seeking medical advice.

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