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My name is Kym

I am a Proud Aboriginal Woman of Worimi Country. My interest in all things psychic started at a very young age.

As a teenager I started to play around with Tarot Cards. The older I got the stronger my intuition and the desire to work in this area.

I am a keen aromatherapy enthusiast and have a strong infinity with crystals. 

I offer card readings , aromatherapy services and crystals for all kinds of physical & metaphysical purposes. 

Whilst my intuition is strong I do not receive messages from the spirit world. (Well I do but I’m not up to the point of passing on information as I don’t want to give false or misleading information) 

How my readings work 

All my readings are done by email. 
you will select the type of Reading 3,9 or 10 card. You will select the deck you want me to use and you will tell me which cards to pull. 
All of the above is just how it is done in any Tarot Reading. 

I will then lay out your selected cards. Using my intuition I select 3 crystals for you and a bonus oracle card. I will photograph the layout. 

Next I will turn the cards take a photo and do the reading. 

You will receive a list of the cards you selected and their individually meanings, as well as the meanings of each of the crystals and oracle card I selected for you. 

I will then write your reading summary answering the questions you asked and email the entire reading and photos to you. 

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