Below is a list of Essential Oils and their uses. Clicking on the name of each oil will take you to the product page of that oil. If you are looking for Oils for a specific ailment that is not listed you can search for the ailment on the website, For example if you want oils to help you sleep type “Sleep Oils” into the search box and a list of all oils for that purpose will show. If your looking for something we do not have on our site please email for advice. We can also create oil blends if you require a mix of oils.

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Anxiety Blend

Aroma: Sweet
Relieve symptoms of mild anxiety,  Help maintain emotional wellbeing,
Promote body relaxation, Enhance body adaptation to stress, Increase vitality,  Improve sleep quality

Ambience Blend 
Aroma: Citrus 
Benefits/Uses: Uplifting, relaxation

Basil oil

Aroma: Herbaceous, slightly spicy
Benefits/Uses: Add to a diffuser during study time tohelp your child focus on homework. Increases concentration. Known to help with respiratory issues. Antiviral may assist with symptoms of colds and headaches.

Bergamot oil

Aroma: Citrus, sweet, floral
Benefits/Uses: Use aromatically or topically if you’re feeling stressed, (may help lower blood pressure) or need some extra self-confidence. Appetite stimulant.

 Black Pepper oil

Aroma: Spicy, woodsy 
Benefits/Uses: Black Pepper assists in digestion, supports healthy breast tissue in women, and promotes a healthy colon. Assists with energy and motivation and muscle aches and pains.

Blue Cypress

Benefits/Uses: May help with muscular aches and pains, Can help treat respiratory complaints and blocked sinuses, Soothing for skin irritation, anti inflammatory. Insect repellent (not for use in pregnancy)

Buddha Essential Oil

Aroma: Woody, Vanilla Floral
Benefits/Uses: Great for meditation, May help relieve stress, Promotes sleep,
May reduce the appearance of blemishes, antimicrobial and immune stimulating properties and would benefit an unproductive cough and a dry sore throat, aching muscles and joints.

Calm & Destress BlendAroma:woodsy, citrus, floral
Benefits/Uses: Calm the mind and body, promotes relaxation

Cedarwood oil

Aroma: Woody
Benefits/Uses: A skin care powerhouse, Cedarwood is great for improving the appearance of blemishes, and keeping your skin looking fresh and healthy. Calming and grounding, reduces stress and heart rate. May help lower blood pressure. Antiseptic and diuretic,  Decongestant, Great insect repellent

Cinnamon  oil

Aroma: Spicy
Benefits/Uses: Comforting and relaxing,  Re-energising,  Antiseptic properties, great for colds and flu, Relaxing and re-energising, great for combating exhaustion, feelings of depression and weakness.

Clary Sage oil

Aroma: Herbaceous
Benefits/Uses: Diffuse Clary Sage to reduce feelings of anxiousness or stress and promote calm and relaxation. May help to lower blood pressure. It also helps promote healthy-looking hair and scalp when added to shampoo or conditioner. Or, apply Clary Sage to the abdomen during your menstrual cycle for a soothing massage.

Chamomile (German) 3%

Aroma:herbaceous scent 
Benefits/Uses: Soothes and calms skin inflammation, Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial. May be helpful for pain and inflammation, Calming during times of stress and nervous tension, may help with sedation and sleep

Clove Bud oil

Aroma: Spicy
Benefits/Uses: may calm tense muscles. Clove is also an energizing oil that can help you wake up or stay alert, great for toothache, kills mould naturally, anti septic, anti bacterial, anti fungal

Copaiba oilAroma: Woody, sweet, balsamic
Benefits/Uses: Copaiba is a powerful antioxidant that protects your cells from damage, and can help calm and soothe your nervous system.* It can also be applied topically to promote feelings of clear breathing.

Eucalyptus oil

See also Australian Eucalyptus (Blue Mallee)

Aroma: Camphoraceous
Benefits/Uses: Diffuse Eucalyptus or apply it to your chest to encourage feelings of clear breathing and open airways. Inhale the aroma of Eucalyptus to diminish feelings of tension and promote feelings of relaxation. 

Fennel oil

Aroma: Herbaceous, licorice
Benefits/Uses: combat any sweet tooth cravings ,support the overall health of your digestive tract.Traditionally, Fennel was used to relieve monthly discomfort during menstruation. Today, emerging scientific evidence supports this.

Frankincense Oil

  • Aroma: Resinous
  • Benefits/Uses: Frankincense possesses a variety of internal benefits, some of which are supporting cellular health, digestive health, healthy lung and respiratory function, and healthy joint function. Used topically it has the power to rejuvenate the skin, reduce the appearance of blemishes, and soothe. The aroma gives you feelings of peace, satisfaction, and overall wellness.

Geranium oil

Aroma: Floral
Benefits/Uses: A major skin-and-haircare hero, Geranium helps beautify, smooth, and keep your skin and hair looking healthy. Beyond this, you can diffuse or wear it to naturally repel insects. It also supports healthy blood pressure already in the normal range.Helpful for wounds, ulcers and burns.Can treat inflammation & reduce fatigue, May help alleviate stress & anxiety.

Ginger oil

Aroma: Spicy
Benefits/Uses: It can help reduce gas, bloating, or occasional indigestion. Great for morning and motion sickness.

Grapefruit oil

Aroma: Citrus
Benefits/Uses: The uplifting scent can help motivate you to stay on track with your fitness goals, supports a healthy metabolism,may reduce appearance of cellulite.

Jasmine Essential Oil 3%

Aroma: Floral
Benefits/Uses: Apply directly to skin to balance mood throughout the month, and help inspire feelings of joy, peace, and self-confidence. It’s highly useful in skin care as it protects the skin and promotes a glowing complexion. Great for eczema and dermatitis.

Juniper oil

Aroma: Woody

Benefits/Uses: Juniper Berry will support your kidney and urinary tract function, and also use it as an excellent internal cleanser and detoxifier. Used in skin care, it is a natural toner.

Cleanse, detoxify and soothe body and mind with the Juniper Essential Oil. Juniper berries are widely used by native Americans to cleanse and purify the air. The refreshing, woody scent is wonderful for calming the nerves and can help with reducing anxiety and nervous tension.

Kunzea Oil

Aroma: Spicy, Camphorous


Skin & Hair: Can be used to treat eczema, dermatitis and general skin irritation. Helpful to oily and congested skin that is prone to acne and blemishes.

Body: Effective treatment for arthritic pain and sore muscles from strains, sprains and after exercise. Can help with the treatment of respiratory infections as well as blocked noses and sinuses.

Wellbeing: Refreshing and uplifting to the spirits, yet calming and comforting at the same time. It has been suggested that Kunzea can help with a melancholy mood.

Lavender oil

See Also Australian Lavender Oil

Aroma: Floral, powdery

Benefits/Uses: Restful is the defining characteristic of Lavender—it provides qualities that relax you and promote a peaceful sleep. Diffuse it to ease feelings of tension or anxious feelings. Use it on occasional skin irritations or in your shampoo to keep hair looking healthy, use it for relief of coughs and colds, respiratory issues

Lemon oil

Aroma: Citrus
Benefits/Uses: Highly useful to improve mood, Lemon is also a great oil to use internally for seasonal respiratory discomfort. It also is a great surface cleanser when added to homemade cleansing sprays.

Lemongrass oil

Aroma: Citrus, Herbaceous
Benefits/Uses: When diffused or worn on the skin, Lemongrass can repel insects, or heighten your awareness and help you feel positive. It can also be used with Fractionated Coconut Oil for a soothing massage on joints and muscles.

Lemon Myrtle Oil

 The fresh and uplifting scent of lemon myrtle adds joy and enthusiasm to any situation. Prized for its anti-microbial and astringent qualities, lemon myrtle is an excellent choice for acne prone skin. Also useful for treating throat infections and blocked sinuses, can be used as a powerful surface disinfectant.

Key benefits
– May help clear acne prone skin
– Antibacterial; great to use in cleaning products
– Assist in treating symptoms of cold & flu

Lime oil

Aroma: Citrus
Benefits/Uses: Used internally, Lime may support cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels already in the normal range.It also can support healthy metabolism and weight management.

Marjoram oil

Aroma: Herbaceous
Benefits/Uses: Marjoram supports a healthy immune system, and may have a positive effect on the nervous system.* Can be applied topically to lessen feelings of stress.

Melaleuca (Tea Tree)

  • Aroma: Camphoraceous
  • Benefits/Uses: Tea Tree protects the body against seasonal or environmental threats and supports a healthy immune system.* It also possesses reinforcing and rejuvenating properties for the hair, skin, and nails.

Melissa oil

  • Aroma: Herbaceous
  • Benefits/Uses: Melissa supports heathy cellular function—particularly in the breast, ovaries, blood, epithelial tissues, brain tissue, and colon tissue.* It is an oil well-known for its ability to calm nervousness and promote emotional well-being.

Neroli oilAroma: Floral, slightly herbaceous
Benefits/Uses: From the flowers of the bitter orange tree, Neroli is emotionally uplifting and may help to reduce feelings of anxiousness. It also has the ability to soothe skin and support a youthful-looking complexion.

Oregano oil

  • Aroma: Herbaceous
  • Benefits: Oregano possesses significant immune-boosting properties and may be relaxing to the musculoskeletal system.* It can also be used as a powerful cleansing or purifying agent.

Patchouli oil

  • Aroma: Earthy, musky-sweet
  • Benefits/Uses: The unique aroma of Patchouli helps to balance your emotions. When it comes to skincare, Patchouli is a triple-threat: it reduces skin imperfections, blemishes, and the appearance of wrinkles.

Peppermint oil
See also Australian Peppermint Oil

  • Aroma: Both herbaceous and camphoraceous
  • Benefits/Uses: The minty aroma of Peppermint very clearly helps with two issues: the occasional upset stomach and healthy respiratory function.* Apply it topically to relieve feelings of tension.

Petitgrain oilAroma: Woody, green
Benefits/Uses: The “manly Lavender”, Petitgrain is primarily a calming and relaxing oil that can ease feelings of tension, calm the nervous system, and promote restful sleep.* It may also support the cardiovascular, digestive, and immune systems.

Rose oil

Aroma: Floral
Benefits/Uses: Adding Rose to your skincare routine will help balance moisture levels and contribute to producing an even skin tone. It is also a romantic personal fragrance that can turn around a gloomy day. Comforting in times of grief, antidepressant.

Rosemary oil

Aroma: Herbaceous, Camphoraceous
Uses/Benefits: The energizing nature of Rosemary can help reduce occasional fatigue and nervous tension. Diffusing it can help you maintain concentration on any task or naturally repel insects. Finally, it supports the healthy functioning of a variety of internal organs.

Sandalwood (Australian)

Aroma: Woody
Benefits/Uses: Both species of Sandalwood oil help to restore moisture to hair and give it a silky shine. They also help to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and prepare you for a restful night’s sleep.

Spearmint oil

Aroma: Herbaceous, sweet
Benefits/Uses: Similar to Peppermint, Spearmint can help reduce the occasional upset stomach and promote healthy digestion.

Tangerine oilAroma: Citrus
Benefits/Uses: Diffusing Tangerine helps to purify and cleanse the air, or using it in a homemade cleaner also cleanses and purifies surfaces. The delicious flavor of Tangerine is made all-the-sweeter with some amazing internal benefits: supporting a healthy digestive system and metabolism.

Thyme oilAroma: Herbaceous
Benefits/Uses: Thyme is an excellent internal cleanser for the gastrointestinal tract and the digestive system. It can be massaged into the abdomen to ease normal symptoms of menstruation in women.

Vetiver oil

Aroma: Earthy
Benefits/Uses: Vetiver is considered an anti-infectious oil that can be used as tonic for the liver, pancreas and blood vessels. A stimulating oil for the immune system that is useful for treating skin infections, lowered immunity and improving the condition of blood vessels, liver congestion and sluggish digestion. The true value of Vetiver is its sedative effect on the mind and spirit. A beautifully grounding oil that helps us manage perfectionist tendencies and encourages us to nurture ourselves rather than dissipating all our energy on unnecessary concerns.

Sweet Orange oil

Aroma: Citrus
Uses/Benefits: When the weather gets cold outside, Wild Orange is a great go-to to keep your healthy immune system supported. Wild Orange contains powerful antioxidants to maintain overall health and protect from oxidation. Great for uplifting the mood. Great for cleaning and refreshing a room.

Wintergreen oil
Aroma: Herbaceous
Benefits/Uses: Wintergreen is a useful massage oil when you need to unwind, relieve tension, or reduce occasional stress. You can add a drop or two to your facewash to reduce the appearance of blemishes.
Ylang Ylang oil

Aroma: Floral
Uses/Benefits: Use Ylang Ylang on your scalp to help with the appearance of healthy and shiny hair. The aroma alone is helpful for promoting a positive outlook and, at the same time, a night of restful sleep. Said to be the oil for love, an aphrodisiac. May help decrease levels of cortisol, known as the “stress hormone,” and thus lower blood pressure.

Essential Oils For Kids

Our Little Blends are safe for children of all ages. We recommend diffuser use only for children under 2 years of age.

Little Focus & Calm

  • Sedative and soothing.
  • Calming and restoring.
  • Mood enhancing.

Little Collections Blend 6 Pack

ECO. Little Lullaby Blend: Create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom when putting your little ones to sleep. The calming and sedating properties of Mandarin, Lavender, Marjoram and Chamomile will promote feelings of tranquility and encourage a deep and restful sleep.

ECO. Little Peaceful Blend: An all-rounder, this soothing blend helps calm the mind, relax the body and promote feelings of peace. This blend is great to use at the end of the day, to help your little ones unwind or to help them prepare for sleep. When nothing else works and everything is chaos, you can reach for this blend to help instil calm and joy in the home.

ECO. Little Study Time Blend: Turn homework and learning activities into fun filled moments with this uplifting and balancing blend. Specifically developed to help promote concentration and clarity of mind, this blend is a natural creativity enhancer! The combination of citrus and herbal essential oils work together to improve focus while calming the mind.

ECO. Little Immune Booster Blend: With antibacterial, antiviral and immune support properties, this blend has been specifically developed to help prevent the spread of germs and to support a healthy immune system.

ECO. Little Sniffles Blend: Can’t stop a runny nose? This fresh and clearing blend can provide temporary congestion relief when the common cold or seasonal allergies strike. The clearing properties of Fir Needle and Rosalina, combined with the antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties of Lavender and German Chamomile make this blend a saviour during the change of season.

ECO. Little Pick Me Up Blend: Your go-to for mornings when kids can’t get out of bed or simply when they need a little extra pick me up throughout the day! This energising yet balancing essential oil blend combines citrus and herbal aromas to help refresh, enhance energy levels and balance mood.