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28mm Square Donut Pendant Necklace

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Beautiful crystal gemstones, cut and polished into square donuts.

Measuring approximately 28mm * 4.5mm-5mm thick and strung on a 50cm wax cord.

Aventurine Green (green) - JOY, LOVE AND HAPPINESS - Releases fear & anxiety. Promotes independence, health, well-being, change and creativity. Creates a positive attitude toward life.

Black Onyx (black) will bring you restful and pure energies. It will soothe your worries, remove your fears, and ease your tensions. It will also ground you and protect you from negative energies. Black Onyx is also known to attract wealth and abundance.

Carnelian (red, orange) - RE-VITALISATION - Revitalising, optimism, good for motivation. Lights sensual fire. Centering, calming and balancing. Eases trauma, increases mental and physical energy.

Goldstone Brown (red brown gold spot)- ACHIEVE GOALS - Encourages exploration of the possibilities in life. Removes feelings holding back your potential. Brings abundance, strength, and vitality to your life.

Lapis Lazuli (blue)- SPIRITUALITY - A power stone of the ages. Promotes spiritual growth, awareness, expands intellect, intuition, and psychic abilities. Enhances strength and vitality. Aids creative expression.

New Jade (light green)- LUCK & PROSPERITY - Emotional and physical cleanser. Promotes a long and abundant life. Brings good luck and prosperity. Symbol of purity and serenity. Increases love, nurturing and harmony

Rose Quartz (Pink) - LOVE & FRIENDSHIP - Promotes love, forgiveness, and compassion. Creates harmony in relationships. Enhances self-confidence. Is calming, nurturing and brings self-love.

Tiger Eye Gold (Brown Gold stripe)- PERSONAL POWER - Brings courage, energy and good luck. Promotes intuition and helps you to be practical and grounded. Can be used to stimulate wealth and maintain it.

Unakite (Reds,pinks greens) - CONFIDENCE - Promotes feelings of self-worth. Enables you to accept love and caring from others. Gives you the self-confidence to achieve your goals in life. Eliminates self-doubt. Helps you find the source of problems.