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April 1st New Moon in Aries

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New Moon in Aries April 1st Ritual Candle

Dragons blood, sage & black pepper fragrance

Sage & Black pepper herbs

Crystals of

Sunstone - banish self doubt & pessimism

Citrine - business success & financial prosperity, stepping into your power , boosting self confidence.

Moonstone- new beginnings , increase creativity & intuition.

When the Sun is in Aries, there’s no better time to take a new idea and put it into motion. We all feel like we're at the beginning of a major cycle during the Aries New Moon. In a way, this is
the time to think about the things in life that you want to explore, that you want to do, the seeds that you want to plant.

Use this candle to light the fire in you at New Moon, and the color red, bringing intention, resolve, warmth and power to all you’re manifesting.

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