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Aquarius Zodiac Candle

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Aquarius , the 11th sign in the zodiac, belongs to those born between the dates of January 21st to February 20th

Our Aquarius Candle makes a great gift for those born under the Aquarius sign. 

Each candle is hand crafted using pure soy wax, essential oils, botanicals & crystals selected specifically to benefit the Aquarius  sign. 

Bird of Paradise oils fragrance the Aquarius candle to jumpstart their positive energies. 

Rose Quartz-a loving stone that supports the compassion Aquarians need for their humanitarian endeavors. It also helps them tune into their own needs, which they can often forget about when they are busy serving others. When they are feeling detached from their emotions, it can bring them back in touch.

Amethyst - Aquarius power stone helps them to stay in touch with their intuition and help reach their goals in a more thought thorough manner. 

Aquamarine -has a strong association with Aquarius because it encourages honesty and seeking out the truth. It also boosts mental clarity and acuity, allowing one to respond quickly when engaging in debates or when trying to sort out issues with others. 

Chamomile & Lavender flowers  are symbolic to balance Aquarius.  

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