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Botanical & Crystal Infused Scented Soy Candles

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Bring a sense of luxury to your home with our Lux Botanical & Crystal infused scented candles. 

Pure Soy Wax scented with the best quality fragrance oil for long lasting fragrance even when not lit. Infused with dried botanicals and crystal chips, these candles look amazing and you reap the benefits of the metaphysical qualities of each stone. Our Candles are made by hand so each candle is unique. 

The Jars are clear or black and are 9cm tall. Each candle is 420 ml and will give 80-90 hour burn time. 

Beautiful gift for all occasions or spoil yourself. 

Camellia & Pink Lotus scented with  blue lotus & hibiscus flower and rose quartz & amethyst crystals

Lemongrass & Sage scented with  sage & hibiscus flower , lapis Lazuli, tigers eye & labradorite crystals

Rose & Geranium Scented with Rose & lavender flower , Amethyst & Rose Quartz crystals

Pomegranate Sage & Peony, Rose, Hibiscus & Lavender Flowers, Rose Quartz & Amethyst crystals. 

Jasmine & Lavender Scented with Jasmine & Lavender Flowers , Aquamarine & Amethyst crystals

Patchouli Orange Scented with Patchouli Flower & Dried Orange, Bloodstone & Amazonite crystals 

Bonfire Glow Scented with Orange Blossom & Rose Petal, Amazonite &  Rose Quartz Crystals

Water Lily Scented with Blue lotus & Jasmine Flower, Citrine & Lapiz Lazuli Crystals

French Vanilla Scented with lavender flowers , Clear Quartz & Amethyst crystals