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Brass Elephant Wind Chimes

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Brass Elephant Wind Chimes

Beautifully designed, this handmade wind chime consists of an elephant metal upper cover and 4 hollow bronze aluminum tubes,

6 bells and 6 small elephants, 15 small lucky beads, and 1 large lucky charm, which makes it a very Exquisite and unique wind chimes.

The best decorated unique appearance and spacious size make this wind chime elephant perfect for terraces, gardens, terraces,

rooms and wherever you want to add beautiful melody to its location and provide years of fun. A beautiful supplement and necessary decoration to any home.

The spirit of the elephant The life of the elephant is long, the wind of the elephant will last forever, and you will have the wisdom of the ages.

The elephant reminds us that we are light, and if we choose to illuminate, it can reflect light in a powerful way. They may not be told often,

especially if they live in big cities, so this elephant wind chime will be perfect for you

Elephants are a symbol of good luck & prosperity.

Wind chimes protect the home by warding off negative energies.

Product name: Brass Elephant Wind Chime

Product material: iron

Product size: about 80cm

Cover diameter: 11.5cm

Length of aluminum tube: 22 24 26 28cm