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Chakra Pyramid or Pillar Candle

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Hand poured 7 chakra healing pyramid or pillar candle. 

Each layer is coloured and laced with essential oils associated with the clearing of the chakra. 

From the top

Purple - Crown Chakra. Neroli, Jasmine & frankincense 

Dark Blue - Third Eye Chakra, Lavender , Ylang Ylang & Rosemary 

Light Blue - Throat Chakra - peppermint 

Green - Heart Chakra, Rose, Geranium & Frangapani 

Yellow - Solar Plexus , Lemongrass & Rosemary 

Sacral - Orange, sweet orange & patchouli

Red - Root, cedarwood & sandalwood 

Pillars are 300g and pyramids are 500g 

For full details on each chakra including symptoms please read my blogs or send me a message .