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Crystal Merkaba Symbol Energy Transmitter

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Merkaba Symbol crystal energy transmitter.

Merkaba Symbol (The star shape at the top) means Light, Body , Spirit

This sits on top of a pyramid of either

Black Agate - symbolizes stability, resilience, courage and prosperity

Amethyst - relaxing, stress relief, calming

Clear Quartz - maximises all crystals, master healer

Rose Quartz - unconditional love, healer of emotions

The base of the pyramid is then surrounded by 7 crystals of the chakras.

Amethyst - Crown - Thoughts & connections to spiritual world

Lapis Lazuli - Third Eye - Intuitions

Blue Howlite - Throat - communication, self-expression, and the ability to speak your personal truth

Aventurine - Heart - compassion, love, and beauty

Tigers Eye - Solar Plexus - confidence and self-esteem

Carnelian - Sacral - sensuality & creativity, pleasure and overall enjoyment of life

Red Jasper - Root -  sense of safety and security 

The combination of these crystals brings healing, balancing energies to all 7 chakras.

Balance Light, Body & Spirit

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