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Hidden Gems Pillar Candles

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Our 300g Hand Poured Soy & Beeswax Pillar Candles are perfect for your home or office. They look good, smell fabulous, serve a purpose and give you a hidden surprise. 

We currently have 6 options available. 
Each candle serves a purpose or intention by combining the metaphysical properties of essential oils and crystals. The crystals are hidden inside the candle. As the candle burns down it will reveal your crystals. 

Purple - Relaxation & Tranquility - Lavender  & Ylang Ylang eo, French Lavender fragrance- Amethyst , Fluorite & moonstone hidden gems

Plum & black - Protection Strength & Courage - Frankincense, Patchouli eo , Dragons blood fragrance carnelian, bloodstone & hematite hidden gems  

Shades of Pink  - Love (Self, Family & Friends)  Rose & vanilla eo Pomegranate Sage fragrance , Rose Quartz, Amazonite , moss agate

Blue & Teal - Peace & Harmony - Patchouli, Neroli, spearmint eo Blue Sage & Sea Salt fragrance , jade, sodalite & clear Quartz

Orange, Yellow & Lime -  Joy & Happiness , orange, peppermint & Lime, Coconut Lime  fragrance. Citrine , green Aventurine & turquoise

White - Cleanse & Purify - Sage & Rosemary eo , Blue Sage & Sea Salt fragrance oil, Clear Quartz, Black Obsidian , Black Tourmaline