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Kids Custom Gift Packs

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Our custom kids gift packs make great gifts for the little people in your life. 

Add a name to the mugs, keyring/bag tag and Iceblock holders to make these gift packs extra special. 

With 14 different packs to choose from there’s sure to be something here the kids will love . 

Free shipping Afterpay & Zip Available.

Pack 1. Mug, bath bomb & Iceblock holder

Pack 2. Mug,  soap & Iceblock holder 

Pack 3. Cup, bath fizz & Iceblock holder 

Pack 4. Mug, Keyring & Iceblock holder 

Pack 5 & 11.  Cup, Soap, Bath Fizz, Bubble Bath & Iceblock holder 

Pack 6. Glass, soap, Bath Fizz, Bubble Bath & Iceblock holder 

Pack 7 & Pack 9. Mug, soap, bath fizz, bubble bath & Iceblock holder 

Pack 8. Drink bottle with straw, soap, bath fizz, bubble bath & Iceblock holder 

Pack 10. Mug, Keyring, Bath Fizz & Iceblock holder

Pack 12. Cup, Soap, bath fizz, Iceblock holder 

Pack 13. Bubble bath, Bath Fizz, Bath Bomb, Soap, Lib Balm, Solid Perfume. 

Pack 14. Mug, bubble bath, bath fizz, bath bomb, soap, Iceblock holder , lip balm

Mug colours available white, red, blue, green, pink , yellow.

cup ( handle less) in white only

Glasses are available in pink, blue, green, yellow, red 

Iceblock holders available in flamingo , pink, red , yellow, orange, green , dark blue, light blue , dinosaur, avengers. 

Kids fragrances include unicorn Spritz (floral scent ), bubblegum, Dino Bubblz ( peppermint, cedarwood & Orange) , Fairy Dust ( Rose Musk) and Bed Time Lavender 

Soap options include unicorn , butterfly & dinosaurs

When placing your order add a note with

1. the name you would like on the mug & Iceblock holder

2. the colour of mug or glass depending on pack 

3. colour of Iceblock holder shape of soap 

4. fragrance of choice 

Unicorn Spritz

Bubble Gum

Rainbow Sherbert

Beach Days

Palm Beach



Choc Marshmallow 

Peppermint Chocolate 

Peppermint Candy 

Fairy Floss

Pink Sugar

Musk Sticks

Cinnamon Vanilla

Dino Bubblz

Monkey Farts

Bunny Burps

Bedtime Lavender 

Citrus Bliss

Vanilla Caramel

if you forget to leave a note you can email or if we haven’t heard from you we will email you. 

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