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Lodalite Tumble Stone

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Lodolite assists you to accomplish deep emotional healing that is related to past life attachments. It releases fear and promotes understanding of the impermanence of your physical body. Lodolite will bring loving energies in your life. Lodolite will weed out the negative thoughts and feelings and put your heart and mind at ease.

​Lodolite is a calming crystal spirit that will also give you calming and quiet energy during the really loud and busy days. It will transmute unwanted energies and keep you feeling inspired and motivated. It will stabilise your goals and desires and make you focus on the one that most resonates with you. It will bring you focus, and it will keep you aware of what’s happening around you.

The clear and powerful energies of Lodolite will help you achieve deep emotional healing. It will also assist you in letting go of your past life attachments so that you will be fully present in your current life. Whatever is no longer needed, you will be able to easily release. 
This stone will help you let go of your fears when it comes to love, passion, and intimacy. It will reassure you that nothing extraordinary will take place if you will spend your life being afraid, angry, or untrusting. Lodolite will bolster your confidence and make you look at the bright side of life. Lodolite is a stone that will guide you through all the transformations that will happen in your relationship and in your life. 

It will ensure that your communication lines are open, and that issues are talked about when needed. It will work together with you to make your biggest wishes and deepest desires come true. When you work with the energies of Lodolite, there will be more kindness and compassion in your relationship. You will be kinder, calmer, sweeter, and more appreciative.

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