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Mercury Retrograde Candle

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Mercury goes into retrograde a few times a year leaving a trail havoc and chaos in its path. 

It’s a time where anything that can go wrong will, ranging from digital and technology issues to contracts falling through and everything in between . 

During Mercury retrograde we need to remain calm, focused and up beat which is exactly why I personally developed our Mercury Retrograde Candle. 

Huge 450ml black glass jar filled with pure soy wax and loaded with essential oils, crystals and botanicals to help keep us motivated, balanced ,  focused and calm!

Essential oil blend of basil, grapefruit, peppermint , clary sage, chamomile, bergamot and geranium, patchouli, Neroli, cedarwood and frankincense. 

Crystals of 

Tigers Eye elevates your natural vitality, strength, courage, and motivation.

Black Tourmaline removes the negative energy that is preventing you from moving forward

Howlite - stone of peace and stability . Teaches patience & removes negative energy or self doubt

Fluorite - absorbs negative energy and stress, brings harmony and clarity aids in decision making.

Amazonite - Alleviates fear & anxiety. Calms the mind to restore harmony. Keeps communication open & helps us to see other peoples prospectives,

Labradorite - A stone of protection, wisdom & intuition. This stone will help curb restless behaviour, promotes strength & perseverance , removes fears and calms an overactive mind.

Smokey Quartz- releases tensions and toxic thoughts. A protective or good luck charm . Promotes clarity and perception improves communication skills.

and herbs of

Patchouli, Sage, Chamomile & Peppermint 

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