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Crystal Point & Moon Pendant Necklace

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We have a Crystal Point & Moon Pendant Necklace for all intents and purposes. 

Beautiful light weight gold plated alloy , double layered necklace featuring a crescent moon on the top layer and a crystal point on the bottom layer. 

Perfect for every day wear there is a crystal to suit every mood, every intent and every purpose. 

Select a necklace for its looks or for the benefits each crystal has on mind, body and spirit balance. 

You can view our Crystal Uses & Meanings here 


A Amethyst  - Protection & Calming

B Sodalite - wisdom, clarity, creativity 

Carnelian: Confidence, courage, passion, energy

c Obsidian - Protection against negative energy 

D New Jade - Good luck, balanced emotions 

Black Agate - Prosperity, courage 

Aventurine - Prosperity, compassion, empathy 

E Opalite - New beginnings, hope, optimism 

F Blue Howlite - Calming, memory & knowledge 

Amethyst chevron - Protection & Calming

White Chakra - Balances the 7 Chakras

Blue Sandstone - New Beginnings, success

Opalite - New beginnings, hope, optimism 

Tigers Eye - Protection, Good Luck, Clarity

G Rose Quartz - Love, Self Love, Harmony 

Lapis Lazuli - Self awareness, compassion, clarity, creativity 

Please allow up to 18 business days for delivery of this item. 

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