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New Moon in Aquarius Botanical & Crystal Candle

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Our 220g New Moon in Aquarius candle is loaded with essential oils, crystals and botanicals to help you manifest your dreams and remain balanced during this moon phase. 
New moon in Aquarius is Feb 1st 2022 

light this candle and use this New moon in Aquarius to manifest what you need personally , maybe health, career or social. 

Our Candle contains Crystals of

Amethyst: known as the ultimate amplifier of good vibrations. Amethyst is known to balance your mood, dispel anger, fear and anxiety. Use amethyst to symbolize your efforts towards overcoming addiction, depression, and protection from nightmares.

Malachite: a stone of transformation and protection will help you remain focused , balanced and protected whilst you move through your transformation. 

Aquamarine: helps transform thoughts into reality and supports humanitarian endeavors by bringing compassion and empathy. 

Lavender , Pine & Neroli essential oils,

Mugwort & Lavender botanicals 

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