Priya Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Beautifully patterned metal cage filled with himalayan salt rocks.


Using a Himalayan Salt Lamp has great benefits for everyone to enjoy. Himalayan Salt Lamps combat the effects of EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies). These are commonly found in electrical devices. 

Sleep quality, quick thinking and air quality improved when using a Himalayan Salt Lamp in our home. 

As a result all our Himalayan Salt Lamps have the capacity to:

    • Emit energizing negative ions, purifying the air, improving mood, and providing a natural-feeling light source.

    • Help neutralize positive ions emitted from devices such as phones and computers.

    • Absorb Water molecules attracted by the salt can carry positive ions.

    • Salt crystals warmed by the bulb evaporate the water molecules creating a soothing, therapeutic glow.

A pluggable Himalayan Salt lamp is a compact alternative to a full size Himalayan Salt Lamp. Equally effective and easy to use.