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Reiki Candles

Reiki Candles

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Balance and heal your chakras with our reiki candles. 7 chakra coloured and infused with essential oils. Cleanse space with sage in the top layer. 350g candle will give you approximate 65-70 hours burn time. 


Balance your Chakras with our Reiki Candles.

The top natural coloured layer is infused with sage oil to clear the air of negative energy. When you light it say a chant to ward off negative energies and to bring only good into your space. ( we will send a few different chants or prayers with your candle)

Each coloured layer of soy wax is infused with essential oils or fragrance oils to help heal the chakra it is related to. Essential oils have many benefits while the fragrance oil will fill your room with beautiful aromas.

Purple - Crown Chakra - Clarity and wisdom - Lavender Essential oil or fragrance oil.

Dark Blue - Third Eye - Intuitions - Rosemary Essential oil or Patchouli Musk Fragrance Oil.

Light Blue - Throat Chakra - Communication - Peppermint Essential Oil or Blue Cypress & Jasmine Fragrance oil.

Green - Heart Chakra - Love & Relationship - Geranium Essential Oil or Rose Geranium Fragrance Oil.

Yellow- Solar Plexus - Willpower & Freedom - Lemongrass Essential Oil or Lemongrass & Persian Lime fragrance oil.

Orange - Sacral Chakra - Sensuality - Passion & Creativity - Bergamot essential oil or Dragonsblood fragrance oil.

Red - Root Chakra- Grounding & Survival - Cedarwood essential oil or - Sandalwood & Cedarwood fragrance oil.