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Reiki Candles - Fragrance Oil

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Balance and heal your chakras with our reiki candles. 7 chakra coloured and infused with fragrance oils. The top fragrance of agave and sage to give a feeling of Fresh and clean.


Create a sense of balance with our Reiki fragrance oil candles. Like our Reiki Candles this candle has 8 coloured layers to represent the chakras and space cleansing.  These candles are infused with fragrance oils so you will get 8 different fragrances as the candle burns. Each fragrance is a nod toward the essential oils that would be used in that chakra.

The top natural coloured layer is infused with blue agave & sage fragrance oil.

Purple - Crown Chakra - Clarity and wisdom - Lavender fragrance oil.

Dark Blue - Third Eye - Intuitions - Patchouli Musk Fragrance Oil.

Light Blue - Throat Chakra - Communication - Blue Cypress & Jasmine Fragrance oil.

Green - Heart Chakra - Love & Relationship - Rose Geranium Fragrance Oil.

Yellow- Solar Plexus - Willpower & Freedom - Lemongrass & Persian Lime fragrance oil.

Orange - Sacral Chakra - Sensuality - Passion & Creativity - Dragonsblood fragrance oil.

Red - Root Chakra- Grounding & Survival - Sandalwood & Cedarwood fragrance oil.