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Retro Terracotta Warriors Chess Set

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Retro Terracotta Warriors Chess Set.

Chess enthusiasts will love the look and feel of this retro Terracotta Warriors Chess Set.

Each piece is unique and handmade from resin.

The board itself is 26x26x6.5cm

Piece sizes are King:4.2cm, Queen:3.8cm, Bishop:4.1cm,  Knight:3.4cm,  Rook:3.4cm, Pawn:3.5cm

The base features built in drawers to house each piece.

Loads of fun to be had with this international chess set. Perfect for enthusiasts and beginners.

Beautiful design makes for fantastic decor piece if you leave it set up.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery of this chess set as it is sent to you directly from our suppliers.