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Sagittarius Zodiac Candle

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Sagittarius , the ninth sign in the zodiac, belongs to those born between the dates of November 22nd to  December 21st.

Our Sagittarius Candle makes a great gift for those born under the Sagittarius sign. 

Each candle is hand crafted using pure soy wax, essential oils, botanicals & crystals selected specifically to benefit the Sagittarius  sign. 

Wood Sage & Sea Salt Essential oils & fragrance the Sagittarius candle is perfect for the sign of travel & the great outdoors. 

Turquoise is the birthstone of Sagittarius. We use blue howlite in the candles as turquoise is expensive, however you can choose to have a real piece of turquoise in your candle .  

Blue Howlitestimulates optimism, honesty, and emotional freedom. It is a Stone of Communication, Awareness, Wisdom, and Enlightenment.” Blue Howlite calms emotions and helps make connections for better understanding.

Citrine - is a Sagittarius crystal that promotes abundance, motivation, and creativity. It matches the optimistic and joyful energy of the Sagittarius sun sign and offers them energy and vitality

Lapis Lazuli -  Sagittarians love to explore the depths of their spirituality. Lapis lazuli, as the Stone of Truth, enhances spiritual knowledge and encourages honest communication. By developing a profound understanding of your true self, you’ll speak from a higher state of consciousness.

Our Sagittarius candle is topped with Sage & Sea Salt which are herbs associated with the sign. 

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