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Spiritual Magick Sleep Ritual Candle
Spiritual Magick Sleep Ritual Candle

Spiritual Magick Sleep Ritual Candle

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Spiritual Magick Sleep Ritual Candles made with intention and are hand poured with Pure Soy Wax, Blended with Lavender, Rose & Vanilla Essential Oils.

Topped with Lavender & Chamomile Flower Botanicals, Infused with Rose Quartz, Moonstone & Amethyst Crystals.

Our Ritual Candles are made especially for Spiritual Magick.
Created & Hand poured, by our friends at

Size- 200g

Candle Care
Please do not leave candles unattended.
You can leave the crystals at the bottom of the candle, or remove them with tweezers as they become loose.

The Botanicals should melt into the wax, however they may potentially burn if they are too close to the wick.
If this should happen you can move the Botanicals away with tweezers.

Trim the wick for a longer longer use of the candle.

Your 1st burn should be for 4 hours to set a wax memory and to reduce tunnelling and create an even burn.

Ingredients: Pure Soy Wax, Rose Essential Oil, Lavender Essential oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, 

Lavender & Chamomile Flower Botanicals,

Rose Quartz Crystal, Moonstone, Amethyst Crystal