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Valkyrie and Norse Goddess Candles

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If you are a follower of all things Viking, Nordic or Pagan then you will love our Valkyrie & Norse Goddess Candle Range. 

Our range honours Freya , Frigg, Eir, Sigrun, Ran & Idun. Each candle is made with carefully selected fragrances, colours, crystal , herbs and botanicals associated with each Viking Goddess. 

Available in a range of sizes these candles are perfect for gifts, home decor and fragrance or even rituals and spell work. 

Freya - Goddess of Love & War, Fertility, Beauty, Magick & Treasure. Beautiful Peony & Rose scented with Rose Quartz, Citrine, Jade & Selenite crystals and finished with roses and daisy’s. 

Frigg - Wife of Odin Goddess of Foresight & Motherhood. Alluring Gilded Orchid fragrance , Ruby Fuschite & Selenite crystals and topped with Elderflower, Thyme & Mint. 

Eir - Goddess of Health & Healing. Uplifting fragrance of Marigolds & Mandarin, crystals of clear Quartz, Tigers Eye and Garnet and topped Calendula, Hibiscus and Sage

Sigrun - Goddess of Victory.  Pomegranate, Sage & Cinnamon fragrance, Sunstone, Bloodstone & Black Tourmaline crystals and topped with chamomile, bay leaf & cinnamon 

Ran - Goddess of the Sea. Beautiful Ancient Ocean fragrance , Sea shells, Aquamarine & Moonstone crystals topped with Pink Salt & Rosemary 

Idun - Goddess of Youth , New Life & Spring. Delightful fragrance of Apples. Clear Quartz, Labradorite & Mookaite topped with Frangapani & Pink Lotus 

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