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Zodiac Candles Type 2

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A New addition to our popular Zodiac Candle Range .  Our new range comes in the same  super cute 250ml white metro jars as our other zodiac range.

The pure soy wax is scented with frangrances and essential oils associated with each zodiac and are topped with crystals & botanicals of each particular zodiac. Each is a different combination to our original Zodiac candles.

The labels display a beautiful water colour design of the zodiac emblem along with the dates and traits of each zodiac.  

These candles make great gifts for all occasions. Team them up with our other zodiac products or get them in a kit. 


Jasmine & Honeysuckle scented topped with herbs of Wormwood & Jasmine and crystals of

Unakite- Protects against negative energies & aids in getting the best of you.

Amethyst - Promotes clarity of the mind and eases stress and anxiety.

Carnelian- Promotes courage & passion

Taurus: Sweet pea fragrance , Rosemary & lotus botanicals and crystals of 

Lapis Lazuli - To attract prosperity, success & good luck. 

Emerald - Peace & prosperity is all aspects of life

Selenite  - Balance, Peace & calm mind

 GeminiLemongrass & lime fragrance , Star of anise & marjoram botanicals and crystals if 

Chrysocolla - for communication, clarity and clear mind 

Ritualated  Quartz - to bring out the joyful , light hearted side of Gemini and to boost motivation. 

Citrine - boosts confidence, brings luck, promotes passion, motivation and positive energy

Cancer: Water Lily fragrance , Blue lotus & peppermint botanicals 

Moonstone- Inspiration & intuition, soothe emotional state

Yellow calcite - uplifting & relaxing, boosts confidence 

Rose Quartz-  Self love, finding love , forgiveness 

LeoPassionfruit lime & grapefruit fragrance , Calendula, Angelica botanicals and crystals of 

Hematite - grounding & promotes a calm & determined energy 

Sunstone - enhances positive leadership traits that are in the Leo wheelhouse, such as charisma, openness, enthusiasm, brilliance, power, generosity, and loyalty.

Labradorite - self discovery and transformation 

VirgoOrange, Musk,  Neroli & Sandalwood fragrance , Calendula & lavender botanicals and crystals of 

Chrysocolla - communication, clarity , empathy 

Snow obsidian -  balance for the body, mind, and spirit. Promotes positivity and a sense of calm, blocks negative energy

Red Jasper - strength and protection to achieve goals 


Champagne, Strawberry & Rose scented soy wax, Rose bud, Hydrangea & Daisy Flowers

Lepidolite - Enhances harmony, eases anxiety & aids decision making

Moonstone - Promotes self confidence, Intuition and Inspiration.

Lapis Lazuli - Provides protection, promotes good judgement & wisdom

Scorpio: Pink peony fragrance, Rose & black pepper botanicals,  

Obsidian - Rids negative energy & influences, supports personal transformation & development 

Malachite - opens the heart to love and stabilising emotions. 

Amazonite - printed Calm, harmony and balance as well as playfulness 

Sagittarius: Blackberry  Fig fragrance , Jasmine & sage botanicals 

Sodolite - promotes self discovery and helps to find your path in life

Amethyst - helps to calm and relax the mind of the overthinking Sagittarius 

Clear Quartz - cleanses and rejuvenates bringing in positive energy 


Jasmine Lychee scented soy wax topped with Jasmine flower & Poppy seeds,

Smokey Quartz- Grounding, removes negative energy & detoxifies.

Malachite - Protective stone supports confidence & balance

Mookaite- Strengthens intuition, grounds & stabilises, helps manifest intentions.


Chamomile, Frankincense, Cinnamon & Clove scented topped with herbs of Catnip, Cinnamon & Cloves

Apatite- To calm the mind & inspire action

Angelite - To aid with communication

Pyrite- Promotes courage & provides protection.

Pisces: Blue lotus & juniper berry fragrance, Pink & blue lotus & Mugwort botanicals and crystals of

Turquoise - reduces stress, anger, anxiety and tension. Soothes and calms energy

Calcite - builds confidence and clears self doubt

Moonstone - promotes purity and new beginnings , balances the sensitive and dreamy nature of Pisces. 

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